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Portraits without Prejudice

The stories behind the portraits

Corporate solutions

As a small or medium company, you know how important properly branding your image is, both internally and externally.. 

Having a standardised internal profile picture (email, Skype, etc) for your employees is part of that branding strategy.

However, we are conscious that it is not always easy and affordable to organise portrait shots for your newest employees.

Traditonally, companies only had 2 options:

  • a full time photographer

  • an ad-hoc photographer


And this is why we came up with the idea of a membership

And this is why we came up with

the idea of a membership...


Recommended for companies with 3-15 new employees per month

  • Cheapest option per picture (as low as $60)

  • Brand image is always maintained

  • Scheduled monthly date

  • 1/2 day at the company

  • Knows the company

  • Knows the expected photographic style

  • Smoother process 

  • Offers lots of flexibility

  • Access to an online secured gallery

  • Discounts on other internal events

  • Might not suit your needs if your company has less than 3 or more than 15  new employees each month


* price per month, maximum 15 pictures per month, minimum duration of 6 months

...instead of the traditional approach


Recommended for companies with 15+ new employees per month

  • Always available

  • Knows the company

  • Knows the expected photographic style

  • Can be used for internal events

  • Very expensive (monthly salary)

  • Drawbacks of in-house resources

  • Contractual disadvantages


Recommended for companies with 1-2 new employees per month

  • Cheaper than having a full-time photographer

  • Can be changed if unsatisfied

  • Still quite expensive

  • Requires starting a new recruiting process every time

  • Might not know the company

  • Might not know the expected photographic style

  • Impossible to maintain a standardised image due to lack of frequency



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